Tony Kieling

A Software Engineer / Full Stack Developer with expertise in Javascript ecosystems, mainly React and Node.js, and more. My background provides me with a solid understanding of the entire IT service lifecycle and the vital importance of security and quality.

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Some of the projects I've been collaborating with:

Web Dev Path

It's is an open source project to provide a comprehensive path for tech professionals to work in a team environment.

Tech stack includes: Next.js, React, Mailchimp, SendEmail, GoogleRecaptcha.


Full-stack app that allows you to have all your clients data, their clockins and invoices, in one place.

It presents an easy and straightforward workflow to control clockins and invoices.

Best of all, it's free! 🤑

Tech stack includes: React, Express.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Redux, JSON Web Token.

Movies App

A BCIT team assignment front-end application which gets data from an API service and lists movies based on popularity, rating, and release date.

Tech stack includes: React and CSS.

Home Seeker

An automated full-stack system to web scrape rental availability info from Craigslist, which emails targeted offers to shortcut the rental search. 🏠😊

Tech stack includes: Node.js, React, CSS, MongoDB, and Node-Mailer.


Full-stack app to demonstrate the web system's basic principles for handling data:

Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete

Tech stack includes: Node, React, MongoDB, CSS.

Deck Master

An e-commerce application that allows managing user profiles and clients to purchase items using PayPal as payment.

Tech stack includes: C# / .Net, JavaScript, Paypal, MS-SQL, and Bootstrap.

Vue Calculator

A BCIT front-end assignment to build a calculator.

Tech stack includes: Vue and CSS.


Feel free to reach out.